When my first child was born I found myself searching for stylish and sophisticated items for my daughter, even down to the blanket that covered her at night while she slept.   After struggling to find the unique items I was looking for, I began to feel a desire to design them myself.

I have been able to turn an idea and a passion into a company that I love!  After much hard work, research, mistakes, plans and late nights, button was launched.  My brother called my daughter “button” from the day she was born, for me, there was no better name for my company.

I started out with the ‘button clutch’.  I was tired of searching through my bag for a diaper and then the wipes.  I wanted something to grab and go, to pass on to grandma who was giving a quick helping hand.  I created the button clutch to keep it all together and make diaper changes quick and easy.  Almost 6 years later, I am now a mom of three amazing kids and I have created an entire line of distinctive and stylish items for my children and yours! 

In between playing dress-up, wiping tears after scraped knees, building block towers to be knocked over and sweet cuddles before bedtime I have been able to build my business .  While listening to my children playing in the next room, I am able to sneak in time to create and make the things I dream about a reality.  Then I pass my designs on to a local seamstress who hand sews each item.  Our button products are then shipped all over the country!